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Additionally, you can right-click players from the standard target unit frame to and then easily look up their full profile on the site.

With this functionality you can directly paste these URLs anywhere on Raider. If you have run into any problems, check out our FAQ at, or join us on Discord at: #addon-discussions -- we always have people around willing to help.

There is also a config option to invert this behavior.

You can view additional details when hovering over Mythic Keystone items, such as: command.

By default when you are in the Dungeon Finder it will show your own profile.

However, you can press a modifier key (Shift/Alt/Ctrl/Cmd) to show the target character's full profile instead.

The easiest way to get started is to use the Raider IO Desktop App: Once installed you can load into the game and you will start seeing Scores and Best Runs on players around you.

This Add On works by storing a snapshot of character data from Raider.

While it might be "first world problems", manually updating each component feels like something that ought to be avoided. If you could figure out some way to update the TOCs at once, that'd save trouble in the future.

These tiers are recalculated based on actual scores. The profile function if multiple data types are queried will return a group back with data Type properties defined.

A function that can be used to figure out if Raider. If true it means there is data that can be queried using the profile function. Has Player Profile(unit Or Name Or Name Realm, realm Or Nil, faction Or Nil) => true | false unit Or Name Or Name Realm = "player", "target", "raid1", "Joe" or "Joe-Argent Dawn" realm Or Nil = "Argent Dawn" or nil. DEFAULT(), "target") ``` Returns a table containing the RGB values for the specified score. The only groups that will invite me suck and can't time a dungeon at all so my score won't go up.

This doesn't tell you anything about a players actual skill.

Someone can just buy a bunch of carries and get a higher score.

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Semi-transparent role icons indicate they have earned at least 40% of their overall score in that role.

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