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"I'm locked away in my room, where I can look out to sea," she said. I'm settled in my home, near my family, and if I have a slightly [explicit] day writing, it doesn't matter.

This is the life I've chosen and I'm very happy with it." She is also preparing for the third series of Delicious, the Sky drama in which she stars with Emilia Fox, and is filming other "exciting projects", which fans will hope include something with her comedy partner Jennifer Saunders.

Donning a navy blue blazer with black lapels and a dicky bow, Sir Lenny turned up to ceremony with his partner Lisa Makin as they walked hand-in-hand down the red carpet.

The couple, both aged 57, have been dating since 2011 after the TV star split from his ex wife Dawn after 25 years of marriage.

Reflecting on her relationship, Dawn told Australian programme ): "There's the big open, ignorant, cowardly attacks that are things like excrement on your door, we had that." Revealing that their house and property were often targeted, Dawn added: "We had words scratched into every panel of every car, very offensive, derogatory, racist terminology." Related: Dawn French reveals more details about the French and Saunders 30th anniversary Christmas special This isn't the first time Dawn has spoken frankly about her and Lenny's experiences as a mixed-race couple, previously lamenting the "hatred" they received from "utter twats".

She said: “This had been a very happy marriage for a very long time and you don't stop looking after each other or caring for each other, whatever has happened.

, the 60-year-old urged single women to ditch fancy lingerie for something a bit more comfortable.

"First tip, get back into your big pants," she shared.

I only realised it was an issue when there was hatred from utter twats.

"I had to attend to it when people tried to burn our house down and left shit on the door.

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He said: “It is a strange job, showbiz, because you are in the public eye. We just got through it like every family does.” When asked if their divorce was painful, Lenny admitted it was, telling The Express: “There's generally a situation where one partner wants the marriage to finish more than the other.

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