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Memorable performances included a grieving father in Don't Look Now and psychopathic fascist Attila in Bertolucci's 1900.From the Eighties onwards he turned to more character roles, picking and choosing from some of the meatiest supporting parts going, such as Mister X in Oliver Stone's JFK. Sutherland plays the part of a soldier and a witch in the same scene. Sutherland had twins, including his son Kiefer, then three more children with his wife of 45 years, the actress Francine Racette. But-- but--Anderson Cooper: What do you mean, you didn't see it? In an old pumphouse by the water…We set up a makeshift screening room to watch some of his most iconic performances. The 1980 film "Ordinary People," won best picture, best director and an Oscar for the screenplay. We won't know until January if Donald Sutherland will get an Oscar nomination for "The Leisure Seeker," but last month, he finally got that little golden statue which has eluded him so long. Anderson Cooper: And when the film is done, the affair is over? In the early 1960's he started picking up work in television and B-movies like "Castle of the Living Dead." You'd be forgiven if you've never heard of it. We were speaking with Sutherland at his lakeside estate in Southern Quebec, where he steals time between film shoots. Now, I'm gonna do a comedic role, this or a romantic lead. And mine is, like, a great, big wooden platter of fruits and pasta and chicken salad and a soup and-- a banana, you know. That may explain in part why Sutherland has never gotten an Oscar nomination, that, and his style of acting, which is subtle and restrained, never showy.

But in 1970 that marriage also ended after Donald struck up an affair with his beautiful Klute co-star and fellow anti-Vietnam War protester Jane Fonda.The affair certainly helped raise his profile, and he was at the height of his fame when he made some bad career decisions including turning down the role undertaken by Jon Voight in Deliverance.One of the films he said yes to Alien Thunder brought happiness, however, in introducing him to his third wife, French-Canadian actress Francine Racette.Donald Sutherland has been called one of the greatest actors never to be nominated for an Oscar. He describes his experience working with the legendary Italian director Federico Fellini as a love affair. Sutherland only had a bit part until one of the lead actors told the film's director, Bob Aldrich, he didn't want to appear in this scene. Anderson Cooper: Is that something you ended up watching? In this scene from the 1973 thriller "Don't Look Now," his character discovers his daughter's body in a pond. Anderson Cooper: A lot of actors, they wanna take on roles where they're--Donald Sutherland: 'Cause they're vertically organized. After shooting one week in Italy, we met him again on a soundstage in Los Angeles where he was filming scenes for an upcoming science fiction movie. His family, almost all of whom are in the film business, was there to cheer him on.He's appeared in more than 150 films and TV shows -- "MASH," "Klute," "Ordinary People," "The Hunger Games" -- just to name a few. Anderson Cooper: Why do you see it in romantic terms? Donald Sutherland: And Bob Aldrich looked at him like that. Hollywood producers saw star power in that brief role. That may be a polite way of saying, if the film is a clunker, don't blame Sutherland. Donald Sutherland: Uh this is gonna be a hard day for me. Next month, he has a new film coming out: "The Leisure Seeker."In which he plays an aging professor, alongside Helen Mirren, who embarks on a road trip as he grapples with old age and dementia. Anderson Cooper: It's very bittersweet about, things slipping away, about love and aging and-- did-- did it resonate? Donald Sutherland accepting Governor's Award: I finally found peace in the words of the great Benjamin Kubelsky, who is also known as Jack Benny when he said, as I say to you now: 'I don't deserve this, but I have arthritis and I don't deserve that either.' Thank you.

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