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Consumers could also text codes via their mobile phones to the same effect.(d) Merchandising additions such as dump bins, point-of-sale materials and product demonstrations. Subway gave away a card with six spaces for stickers with each sandwich purchase.(j) Competitions and prize draws, in newspapers, magazines, on the TV and radio, on The Internet, and on packs.(k) Cause-related and fair-trade products that raise money for charities, and the less well off farmers and producers, are becoming more popular.

initiatives that are not covered by the other elements of the marketing communications or promotions mix). Often they are original and creative, and hence a comprehensive list of all available techniques is virtually impossible (since original sales promotions are launched daily! Here are some examples of popular sales promotions activities: (a) Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGOF) - which is an example of a self-liquidating promotion.

restricted from entering into any other transactions (other than liquidating transactions) in any account of the customer with the Member, unless and until (i) payment of any such money balance outstanding for 20 business days or more shall have been made, (ii) all open and unsettled transactions in any cash account of the customer with the Member have been transferred in accordance with subsection 7, or (iii) the customer has executed a liquidating transaction in the account with the peut effectuer de transactions (autres que des transactions de liquidation) dans aucun de ses comptes avec le membre jusqu' ce que survienne l'une des ventualits suivantes : i) le montant d depuis 20 jours ouvrables ou plus a t rgl, ii) le transfert de toutes les transactions en cours et non rgles dans les comptes au comptant du client a t effectu conformment aux dispositions du paragraphe 7, ou iii) le client a effectu une transaction de liquidation dans le compte ce qui (c) Such sums as may be necessary to continue the revolving fund to finance miscellaneous self-liquidating purchases and activities which, together with net sums outstanding for the same purpose, do not exceed 200,000 dollars; advances in excess of 200,000 dollars may be made with the prior concurrence of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions c) Les sommes qui pourront tre ncessaires pour continuer d'alimenter le fonds d'avances remboursables destin financer divers achats et oprations autoamortissables, tant entendu que, jointes aux montants nets avancs pour le mme objet, elles ne pourront dpasser 200 000 dollars mais que des avances en sus de ce total pourront tre accordes avec l'assentiment pralable du Comit consultatif pour les questions administratives et budgtaires the Director-General from the Working Capital Fund, within limits authorized by the General Conference, to be recovered directly from sources outside the Regular Budget of the Organization before the advance is made".

the end of the financial period following that inwhichle Directeur gnral sur le Fonds de roulement, dans les limites autorises par la Confrence gnrale, et directement recouvrable en dehors du budget ordinaire de l'organisation avant la fin de l'exercice financier qui suit celui au cours duquel le prlvement a eu lieu".

Don't forget that promotions can be aimed at wholesales and distributors as well. Examples here might include joint promotions between a manufacturer and a distributor, sales promotion leaflets and other materials (such as T-shirts), and incentives for distributor sales people and their retail clients.

Buick ran a contest that provided entrants with the opportunity to win a new Buick Lucerne.

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