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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about his biggest accomplishment, how to make successful acquisitions and how the tech industry could improve its image problem, in an interview with Wall Street Journal Editor-in-Chief Matt Murray.The very point of being a leader is to move an organization in a meaningful direction—yet email can have the opposite effect, blocking the leader from accomplishing anything proactive or of lasting substance. And, of late, a public vessel, dirtied by political feeling about everything from inequality to race to Congress to the U. And the 1990s-era idea of the “global” bank has largely withered under these conditions.

A company such as Pay Pal will take on many of the functions of a traditional bank, even as it tries to elude actually becoming one.

The practice of asking for salary history is in the news as a few cities—notably New York City, Philadelphia and New Orleans—are making it illegal for companies to ask about an applicant’s past compensation.

When I first started teaching at the Rubel School of Business at Bellarmine University in August 2017, I had to choose between two health-insurance plans: an inexpensive, high-deductible plan or a higher-cost, low-deductible plan.

New college graduates report higher levels of anxiety.

How managers can help them steer past fear and improve work performance—and how young workers can work to calm their anxiety and be more effective.

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