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DECLARE x Node XMLType; v Text VARCHAR2(256); v Reference VARCHAR2(32); CURSOR get Purchase Order(reference IN VARCHAR2) IS SELECT OBJECT_VALUE XML FROM purchaseorder WHERE XMLExists('$p/Purchase Order[Reference=$r]' PASSING OBJECT_VALUE AS "p", reference AS "r"); BEGIN v Reference := 'EABEL-20021009123335791PDT'; FOR c IN get Purchase Order(v Reference) LOOP x Node := c.

Example 5-21 tabulates the purchase orders whose shipping address contains the string "" (double L). An XQuery namespace declaration has no effect outside of its XQuery expression. Example 5-15 illustrates use of a namespace declaration in an XQuery expression.In real-world examples you will typically pass a value that is available only at runtime; Example 5-28 shows how to do that. Example 5-29 updates multiple text nodes and attribute nodes.Example 5-30 updates selected nodes within a collection.

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