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You can use the Object Data Source to represent this proxy class.

If you are not using Visual Web Developer, you can create a web service proxy class from the command line by using the (Web Services Description Language) tool.

For example, you learn how to use the Object Data Source control with components that represent collections, ADO.

NET Data Readers, Data Sets, LINQ to SQL queries, and web services.

The Object Data Source automatically creates a new instance of the Movie Collection component before calling its Get Movies() method.

It automatically destroys the object after it is finished using the object.

I see this has been a great problem in the past, with various suggestions to creative solutions.

The fix will be available in the next VS release." https://connect.microsoft.com/Visual Studio/feedback/View Feedback.aspx? I need to set Updated By and Date Updated in the Row Updating event before updating a record. That said, the process you elaborated shines some light on a way to solve some problems. To John Ward -- At first I was trying to set values like this in the Row Updating event.

Later on I realized that I can set them in the SQL statement I build, or pass them as params to a SProc, using values derived elsewhere (but not from the Grid).

NET objects are compared and contrasted in “Building Data Access Components with ADO. NET Data Reader object provides you with a fast, read-only representation of database data.

If you need to retrieve database records in the fastest possible way, then you should use a Data Reader object. Sql Client namespace to use this Microsoft SQL Server–specific ADO. You also can use the Object Data Source when you need to represent an ADO. Using a Data Set is slower than using a Data Reader.

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