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There are no secret tips, it is just taking your time to make accurate measurements.

In most rooms you will only be making 45 degree angle cuts.

You will need to remove these before installing new baseboards.

I just run around with a basic set of pliers and pull them out before moving on. I feel like this is where people start to get overwhelmed.

However if you are not doing this in conjunction to replacing floors, this step is unnecessary. Prep For Paint Alright, now that all the baseboards, (and in some case 1/4 round trim) is installed, we are in the home stretch. I know they may not be much to look at right now, but with some of my favorite products it will look like a pro installed them.

Start by applying a small amount of DAP Plastic Wood to all the nail holes in the trim. Once the filler dries do a once over with a foam sanding block.

If you have never used a miter saw to make 45 degree cuts, this is an easy step that will open the door to a lot of new project potential!

If you don’t you simply risk pulling some of the paint off the wall. Once you get it started, it normally is fairly easy to pull away from the wall.

In my case I was replacing my existing baseboards with a much beefier baseboard so I was not too worried about a little pit of paint peel. Often times when you pull the baseboard away it will leave stubborn nails behind.

They are very sturdy, so they like to hold their shape. I think flimsy molding only emphasizes the problem.

When I use a sturdier board, it makes me need to shim a little here and there and correct the problem, not call attention to it. It is amazing what a little caulk and paint can do for a seriously crooked wall… But if you were wondering about my choice, that is my reasoning.

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I like to set the tip of the tube on the board and glide it along leaving a small consistent bead of caulk along the trim. Seriously, I have been doing this for a little while, and when you don’t have straight walls, perfect joints are nearly impossible. I don’t want to be sitting around waiting for caulk to dry. In an afternoon I was able to make this laundry room look 5 x’s better. I am telling you I have a lot in store for this space, so stay tuned because I have teamed up with DAP and The Home Depot to make this space spectacular! Let’s do something about that wall of random half painted cabinets.

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