Updating gridview programatically

In Programmatic databinding, we use Data Source property and Data Bind() method to bind the Grid View control.

In Declarative Databinding, operations such as selecting and updating are done automatically.

One is Declarative databinding and the other is programmatic databinding.

In Declarative databinding, we use Data Source ID property to bind the Grid View control to a Data Source control.

Grid View Template.set_Item(Grid View Row Info row, Grid View Data Column column, Object value) at Telerik. It will help us address any potential issue faster. Regards, Julian Benkov the Telerik team I can help you reproduce this error is by following steps.

Please, send us a simple example to reproduce the issue locally.

Hi Bob, We have not found issues related to updating data of Rad Grid View from its Rows collection. Create 2 timers and see that you start the timer when executed.

Affected Rows in the Page_Updated event verifies that 1 row was updated and the database shows the correct (new) valu... Net pages programatically Thanks a lot for reading this and greatly appreciate your inputs I am writing a webinterface that lets users configure options that'll create an interface for them and generete the webpage. Updating a database using a Details View control with a dropdown list control Hi everyone, I have a templated field on a Details View control that displays an integer ID value taken from a database table. Table(); i have declared the below one global Table Row tr; Table Cell tc1; Table Cell tc2; Table Cell tc...formview does not update database Hi I'm using a Form View to allow my administrator to add/edit/remove questions/answers to the FAQ of my helpdesk. Hope it helps Jeremy Regards Jeremy If ...programatically create a sqldatasource, menu control, grid view controll, and ajax update panel I am trying to programatically create a sqldatasource, menu control, grid view controll, and ajax update panel which will be added to a for loop. Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Load Dim tbl1 As New Table() Dim row1 As New Table Row() Dim cell1 As New Table Cell()&nb...derived custom controls && composite controls Hi, A derived custom control (that inherit asp server controls) needs to implement the Render(Html Text Writer writer) method and other interfaces; A composite control needs to implement the Create Child Control() method and INaming Container...

Formview & nested controls & databinding (a.k.a Formview doesn't like nested controls) I think I have found a bug in . I have spent days and days on this problem, and I hope that somebody else can help me out with this before I pull my hair out . Item Index) str Update = "UPDATE Employees " _ & "SET Employee Name [email protected] F, E... So I am having to programattically create custom server controls and . Any pointers would be greatly helpful Thanks a lot Sathya Controls on the fly? I think it is the latter so here we go - look at the following namespaces: * System. The item template uses a label control to display the ID number. Now I figured out how to use the Form View to adjust the data, the only thing the Form View does NOT do, is actually update the database, it does not give any errors, it just doesn't do anything. the code below works except that I must click on the menu item twice to get it to requery the database and update the gridview. this is what I came across from all tutorials I can find.

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