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Interest level and availability of various models is now gauged on a world wide scale, not limited to area toy shows. Along with the increased awareness of available models, was a decrease in prices paid by collectors and enthusiasts. Welcome to what is becoming the go to Mighty Tonka resource on the web.First there was the Tonka Regular series of trucks beginning in 1949 followed by the Mini Tonka series in 1963.Juarez, Mexico would take care of smaller series like the Mini Tonka.In 1982, prior to shuttering the Mound manufacturing plant however, they began running the next generation Mighty Dump.

In 1973, the look of the original design changed when the SCUFF-GUARD front bumper, grille and headlight bezels were all formed in a single chunk of plastic replacing the individual components.

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Beginning early in the 21st century, there seemed to have been an increased interest in what could arguably be referred to as Tonka's premier series, the Mighty Tonka.

Blame the increased interest on the internet, e Bay in particular.

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