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The movie, starring Sidney Poitier as a widowed African-American physician and Katharine Houghton as his white fiancée, recounts the couple’s visit to her parents to announce their engagement.Houghton’s father, played by Spencer Tracy, objected more than her mother, Katharine Hepburn, as did their African-American housekeeper.Using an electroencephalogram (EEG), which measures electrical activity in the brain, we recorded the brain waves of a predominately white sample of college students while they viewed 100 images of black-white interracial couples and an equal number of same-race couples (black and white).We wanted to see what would happen in an area of the brain known as the insula, which has been shown to become activated when people feel disgust.

Consistent with polling data, we found that participants claimed to be largely accepting of interracial relationships.

Filming ended just weeks before the Supreme Court’s Opinions about interracial dating and marriage on a personal level have also evolved significantly.

In 1971, 48% nationally said they would not approve of their own children dating someone of another race, while 28% said they would approve.

The last time Gallup asked the question in 2013, 11% nationally gave that response.

In the polls, blacks have always been more supportive than whites of interracial marriage, but the responses of both groups have moved in a more supportive direction in tandem.

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