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Promoting healthier approaches to dating relationships and conflicts The curriculum is broken down into four lessons (45 minutes each) with handouts and activities specific to each lesson’s theme: LESSON 1: WHAT IS DATING ABUSE?

LESSON 2: THE PATTERN OF ABUSE IN DATING VIOLENCE LESSON 3: DIGITAL ABUSE IN DATING VIOLENCE LESSON 4: ENDING TEEN DATING ABUSE The Teen Safe Curriculum is a 4 module group developed by the Center for Young Women’s Health for use with adolescent girls (ages: 12-15).

The Fourth R makes extensive use of role-playing, with feedback from peers and teachers, to increase students’ interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities.

Each module is designed to take place in 1-1.5 hours so they may require modification to meet time constraints within your school.is a two-part intervention—classroom curricula and schoolwide—designed to reduce dating violence and sexual harassment among middle school students by highlighting the consequences of this behavior for perpetrators and by increasing faculty surveillance of unsafe areas within the school.: Relationship Education Leading Adolescents Toward Empowerment is a high school relationship education curriculum developed by young people and adults working together that helps to prevent sexual violence among teens through the promotion of healthy relationships.Through RELATE, youth are trained on the topic and then facilitate the 5 sessions for their peers.The Fourth R is composed of three units: (1) personal safety and injury prevention, (2) healthy growth and sexuality, and (3) substance use and abuse.Each unit contains seven 75-minute classes, which are delivered by trained teachers and integrated into the school’s standard health and physical education curriculum.

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