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But, this is a defense mechanism many Taurus men have, particularly if they have been hurt in the past.This can cause a great deal of anxiety for you- because you worry that he isn’t wanting the same thing, or you may feel as though you’ve got to be the one doing all the pursuing!Trust is a big deal with Taurus men and as a Sagittarius woman, sometimes, your friendliness may intimidate him a bit: always fearful he’ll lose the one he cares for.

Sometimes, it’s a combination of both that is SO confusing but, I promise you- you’ll make it through this.

You two seem to hit it off really well but now..things have gotten just a bit weird.

But, you’re a Sagittarius woman and weird really is kind of your thing, isn’t it?

Authenticity is never a problem for you, so this step, though crucial- might be the easiest one of all!

I’ve been working with a lot of clients over the years and the key thing that I have discovered about why Taurus men, in particular, pull away- is so simple.

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