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When we discovered that, we decided to move our conversation onto a chat app, which quickly became a playful maelstrom of flirtation, wit, hilarity, deep conversation, and, yes, some pictures. My husband and I would sit next to each other and give advice on how to flirt (“Tell her she has beautiful eyes!

” “Affirm him, he just sent a picture of himself at the gym—he’s totally trying to show off”).

A single guy who has that combination of qualities could feel threatening to my husband, to our marriage.

She was attracted to us as a couple, and it made her feel powerful.

We tell each other just about everything and there is no one I like hanging out with more than my husband.

Our friends think we are sickening because we can’t keep our hands off of each other.

Most members are open-minded, sex-positive couples who are interested in having interesting conversations, being friends, and possibly hooking up if the chemistry is right.

My husband and I started having fun together on that website, looking at pictures of cute couples, sending and receiving flirty messages, and exploring how it felt.

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