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He won three premierships, a Brownlow medal, he's highly decorated and he's got every reason -- almost more than anybody -- to be called a champion of the game.""I had 12 awesome years, but I played 98 games. I didn't win any premierships, I just missed out on the 2017 one with Richmond, which I was in emergency for."So, perhaps he didn't have "the dream run like Blacky had", but Shaun assured us he still picked up a lot of skills that came in handy in Survivor.Likening his early days on the Contenders tribe to being placed on a footy team, Shaun said his AFL experience taught him how to "knowing how to deal with different personalities, Shaun said he also found he was pretty capable when faced with "those high pressure situations in the challenges" and was able to help calm some of his tribe mates down.Jim’s Final Tribal Council question asked Albert to trash talk his opponents, but Jim added a qualifier: “If you start with a compliment…that will lose my vote.” Without thinking, Albert began his reply with a laugh and: “I love this question.READ MORE: 12 US Survivors We'd Like To See Take On 'Australian Survivor'READ MORE: 'I Needed To Go In Not Thinking About My Career': Pia Miranda Explains Her Decision To Join 'Survivor Australia'Still, having a cool head in challenges didn't mean that he didn't have any pre-show jitters."Nobody would've done anything close to that.Even if some people have done a lot of camping in the wilderness with small rations and stuff, they haven't had to deal with the social and the strategic game side of things.""Mentally, it was very hard thing for me because you finish a handful of rice, and you're so hungry, but you've got no option, you can't go, 'oh, stuff it, I'm just going to go to the pantry and eat, I know I was fasting but I'll just give it a break because I'm starving'," he laughed.

There are other methods, but notably these are mostly extensions of charm tips: physical touch, eye contact, compliments. You don’t want the rest of your tribe knowing how close you are to a player. Usually.) Boston Rob taught us to discover alliances by seeing who slept next to each other in the shelter.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how you are supposed to apply this to Survivor.

More specifically, you’re curious as to where I’m going with the sex thing. Clearly (and contrary to Nick Maiorano’s Twitter claims), carnal relations with Survivor allies are neither practical nor recommended.

In South Pacific’s Albert Destrade, Survivor cast a dating coach: somebody who was literally paid to teach people how to form social bonds with others.

As might be expected, on day one, Albert got into a majority alliance with the trust and respect of everybody in it.

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(And if you’re in actual need of Survivor advice, at least get a second opinion.) In my entirely unqualified opinion, this is the secret to a successful relationship: Sex and difficult conversations.

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