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Its main interest is with anything that is unknown, daring and alternative.

The projects received by the venue in the past include a production of Trainspotting– a 75 minute (no interval!

Arrive early to enjoy the pre-show bars, stocked with topical alcohols. Also, make it a double, since the bar won’t open again until intermission. If only for the collective reminiscence of doing the cotton-eyed-joe at school dances (in rooms not unlike this one).

You’ll learn the Charleston, which is a key transferable skill and can totally be added to your CV afterwards.

Those who make minimal dress up efforts will be roasted by the cast in a public fashion.

Example: While setting up tea for his love, Gatsby might say something like “I want it to look nice, so can the properly attired people block the denim corner over here? If you do put in the effort, Gatsby will shake your hand and you will be star struck(although, unfortunately, this Gatsby is less hot than Leo Di Caprio…) Dress-up dates are perfect because they will show your potential partner you have a “fun/goofy” side, whilst also providing a solid topic of conversation. If you attempt to order a round of G&Ts while Myrtle Wilson is shimmying to the Charleston, you’ll be brutally rebuffed.

All these elements are rounded out by some great performances and tolerable American accents.

Special shout out goes to George Wilson who (because his role is minimal in the book) ends up gossiping a lot with the guests.

Then, just when you feel like the slow dancing is getting old (or you’ve run out of pre-planned conversation topics), Gatsby and pals guide you into a game of never have I ever that also involves you switching partners.Dinner is Coming is an immersive dining experience and parody of Game of Thrones.Tarot is a night of circus, music, divination and improvisation. The Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties are only some of them.There’s more: The Vaults is so cool that it even has its own festival!Every year, between January and March, the space organises a festival full of events and with a focus on new theatre shows by emerging companies.

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So, if you’re looking for a spot to take your next date, this one is full of laughs, dancing, champagne and sexual tension.

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