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Also this thread is a year old and it appears as though the OP hasn’t logged into the community ever since then.

The OP (me) is still active and still considers this a valid question - the post was more related to allowing perpetrators to be captured rather than stopping them using the cameras at all (which is what most responses pick up on).

Once you drop a photo, Stolen Camera Finder will automatically start searching other photos on the Web based on the EXIF data. Even if you don’t find any photos, you still get to see the details of your digital camera that they are using to track down other photos that are taken with the same camera.

If I have to leave them in my account then they are in the fixed location in the list I would like to add the replacements.

Just another call for being able to reorder the list without the add/remove dance.

I would think the stealing of these cameras would be rare. I will let you know if the camera is still there in a few months time.

Thank you for the feedback I think the issues highlighted in this discussion thread are all easily addressable - this could even be an optional feature so users with privacy concerns or countries where the law would be prohibitive could opt out.

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