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However brutal the seemingly endless Open House Round was, the next day is worse. “I don’t want to get into too many details, but the way recruitment works is that sororities that tend to do really well and have PNMs rank them really high have to cut more people because we don’t want them leading so many girls on,” Andrea explained.

“And so like, the first day, I’m sure you can guess which sororities cut .” We huddle in Bodek with our Rho Gamma groups, anticipating the release of schedules on PNM Companion. How could these women decide that I wasn’t right for their organization after just a few minutes?

We use an app called PNM (Potential New Member) Companion to rank the different houses.

Since it’s the first day, we rank six sorority houses as our first choice, and then two as our second and third choices.

One of the Panhellenic Execs speaks into the microphone to make a muffled announcement and reinforce the process’s rules. The hard truth is, as much as they might have tried to evaluate me based on the substance of our interaction, they had to rely on stereotypes as well: what being from New York City and having attended private school says about my status and how much I party, how my student–journalism background might jell with their organization, how my blonde hair and blue eyes will influence their image, and how the designers I’m wearing reflect my family’s bank account.

It’s like speed–dating for friends, or a job interview where I have no idea how I’m being assessed. Walking down Locust in a Greek letter–emblazoned sweatshirt makes a bigger statement than any designer label.

Once there, we’re herded into smaller groups led by a Rho Gamma, an affiliated girl who will guide us through the rush process.

While waiting, I exchange icy stares with the other girls in my line.

“I’ve been told that it’s better to try to rush and drop out rather than not have any experience with it,” she says.

“In Engineering, there aren’t that many girls in classes in general, so I kinda wanted to meet more people.” Like so many girls, Gillian is looking for friends and social opportunities, which may prove elusive as a freshman at Penn.

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An Instagram bio decorated with Greek letters, hundreds of new Facebook friends, social relevance, an extensive lineage of big “sisters” to offer unconditional support. Others found their home in the so–called “bottom tier." And some—like me—got lost along the way.

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