Political culture is linked to democratic consolidation.Scholars Gabriel Almond and Sidney Verba, in The Civic Culture (1963), argued that public participation in government and attitudes toward government were significant in democratic transition and consolidation.Linz and Stepan's thesis, for example, is that democracy is consolidated by the presence of the institutions supporting and surrounding elections (for example the rule of law).O'Donnell believes that the institutionalization of electoral rules is not the most interesting feature of democratic consolidation.Consolidating different divisions of the same company means potentially bringing a product mix of unique lines under one roof.For example, if you're a company that makes hospital supplies, you may have one division that makes your medical instruments and another that makes disposable products such as gowns and booties.The supply chain benefits from this type of consolidation are achieved through costs savings derived from increased volumes.These benefits include reduced space by increasing storage density, reduced safety stock inventory by consolidating stock, more efficient methods and equipment to manage the increased volume, as well as reduced overhead and redundant management costs.

I'm not sure this is relevant to you yet, since you're using Mixamo animations rather than making your own. If so I can post some screenshots of my export settings which I got working with the UE4 mannequin skeleton.

The democracy must also be accepted by its citizens as the ruling form of government, thus ensuring stability and, again, minimizing the risk of reverting to an authoritarian regime.

Some scholars think that the process by which a democracy becomes consolidated involves the creation and improvement of secondary institutions of the democracy.

However when I import them I get an error about the TPose and also their face texture is always wrong. I actually went through some pain over the past couple of days trying to export animations from Blender.

The skeleton would be orientated the wrong way, animated bones would be all deformed.

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