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“People come here either to go to treatment or come to a sober house that’s here.

They get established in the community, and they like it, and they stay,” Bemis said.

For many people, it takes more than simply quitting to prompt this metamorphosis.

That’s why, more and more, organizations and people in recovery are taking the long view. People would go to Hazelden for 28 days and we would expect them to be cured. to help people after they get treatment,” said Judson “Kim” Bemis, board chairman of the Minnesota Recovery Connection, which recently moved from St. Its program is based on providing peer support, including a 40-hour academy to train “recovery coaches.” Through the Minnesota Recovery Connection, people can sign up to get a weekly phone call or have a face-to-face meeting to talk about the practical issues of recovery, such as finding a place to live, a job and day care.

For example, five years ago, Kat M., a longtime Manhattanite, decided to give alcohol-addiction treatment another try — this time at Hazelden in Minnesota, partly because her brother lives in the state.

“My plan was to come to Minnesota for 28 days, spend a week with my brother for vacation, and then go home,” she said.

Paul, and then, for 17 years, on Grand Avenue in the Crocus Hill neighborhood.

All the while, he was building a career as a chef, writer and “Bizarre Foods” television host.

The city is wrapped in a web of support services for what’s called the recovery community — people who’ve had severe problems with alcohol or drugs and who are trying to build lives that don’t involve drinking or using.But if four people who live with him are going, he’ll probably go along. They start to build their own lives outside of AA, but AA and the sober community are always there for them.” The footings of that second-chance perception stretch back decades.Likewise, there’s a group dynamic in going out for coffee or to a barbecue, or playing on the sober softball or volleyball teams. I’ve tried to get sober in several other areas of the country, but I didn’t feel the support that I felt here.” In his experience, Shawn said, “You’re always welcome back; that’s the spirit within the people of this community. Greg Ekbom, owner of Day By Day Cafe on West Seventh Street, said he recalls St.Paul has a lively cottage industry of “sober houses,” where people live after completing treatment programs.There’s a job network for the newly sober and strong contacts with big corporations.

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