Slackware updating gtk modules

Clearly I'd avoid statically linked software if I would have the option to use `apt-get install` to get that software.

But in the situation that a new version of the software is released, and I think it would benefit me right now, I'd trade all those downsides for being able to use that software right now than waiting to be included in my distro (like it happened to me with Gimp some years ago).

So to me, the right answer is to fix the root of the problem, not paper over it by pretending there isn't one by essentially embedding copies of every dependency into an application.

) made libraries" will reduce overall memory usage, unless a lot of programs use that (small) library (rarely the case)OSX linker does the right thing with their libc. do you have any data to back up anything you said ?

I think that if more software would be offered statically compiled with all the libraries (like many apps in OSX), then we would be able to try the latest release of Gimp when it's released, instead of having to waste time trying to compile from source or waiting for being included in the next release of the distro. I was always puzzled why some software just can't come statically compiled.

I suppose not all apps can be distributed like that, but most of them can.

Maybe distros like Debian are more stability/security oriented than feature oriented.

New version of software often contain new features that it may introduce new bugs.

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