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Fights have been rebalanced across the entire campaign, too, part of Larian’s effort to smooth out some difficulty spikes in the first and second acts. Even on the standard “Classic” difficulty and with a well-specced party, I came up short against similarly leveled enemies on numerous occasions.

A large pitched battle against a Magister group to close out the first act was a particular stumbling block for my gang — until, that was, I realised I could just hang back and wait for the fight’s second stage.

I couldn’t recall enough about specific line delivery to judge individual differences, but the majority of the performances are confident and convincing enough for the trad-fantasy world of Rivellon. My Ifan Ben-Mezd came off more arch than grizzled, for example, audibly smirking more than you’d expect for a man who saw his life destroyed.Sadly, for what he’s gained in arcane knowledge, he’s lost in common sense: Sir Lora is an absolute liability in dangerous situations.Across 70-plus hours of play, Sir Lora made it his business to run gleefully through traps, to throw himself in front of fireballs, and to just generally die whenever the chance arose.This was in part a comparison problem — the initial areas are busy with people to talk to, jobs to complete, and battles to have, even for this kind of traditional RPG — but Larian have added whole new questlines anyway.Rivellon is a world of Magisters and Black Rings, of battles between Voidwoken and Godwoken, with a history of Source and the Sourcerers who wield it.

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But the reality is, all sin separates us from Christ.

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