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You can also control the media playback and volume.

Braina is a brilliant mathematician and a talking calculator.

You can also define hotkeys (also known as shortcut keys or keyboard shortcut) to automatically trigger a custom command action (such as launching a software, website, keyboard macro etc.) Read more Play songs and videos using voice commands.

Braina can search songs and videos both on your local drives and online platforms such as Sound Clound, You Tube etc.

Braina is not a Siri or Cortana clone for PC but rather a powerful personal and office productivity software.

It isn't just like a chat-bot; its priority is to be super functional and to help you in doing tasks.

For example, you can remotely command Braina to play songs from any place in your house.We are working to make Braina a digital assistant that can understand, think and even learn from experience like a human brain.Braina does language understanding and learns from conversation.If you see a girl that peeks your interest, you can click on her username to open a popup and see more details about her.If you visit her profile, you'll be able to see her uploaded photos and leave her a comment.

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