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Their main problem is in the fact that they know each other too well.They can both recognize their own unstable and unreliable nature in their partner, so instead of building trust and changing them both for the better, they will easily get caught in a circle of attempts to be honest and dishonest, without the need for their flaky nature to change.Their tenderness and the way they nurture their emotions toward each other, will be a true inspiration for everyone around them.There is no better partner to understand the emotional nature of a Pisces partner, than another Pisces.Two Pisces partners will have trouble trusting each other.Their changeable natures will shift their relationship all the time, and only if they share enough love, they might be able to handle the changes and stay together.The best way for them to create a safe and trustful atmosphere is in a lot of meaningful communication that they both usually find obsolete.Pisces is the sign of Mercury’s fall and these individuals will often be too closed up or lost to have good practical communication.

Fortunately, their mutable natures will in most cases allow them to progress and make enough adaptations and changes for their sex life to work.Although they will share their dreams with one another, and probably inspire each other in many ways, it will be difficult for them to have discussions on ongoing things in their lives.They will both have their own image of what is important for their partner to know about them.Not because their values differ that much, but because their priorities might be different. When they finally manage to find each other, with many hours of delay, they might move in opposite directions and be unaware of that due to the fact they didn’t talk to begin with.In general, their shared activities are dependent very much on their physical contact, because if they have it, at least they could hold hands not to get lost.

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