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Clipper City Brewery uses a cheaper method: Workers fire up a buzz saw to cut notches in stacks of labels before bottling.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery vintage dates its higher alcohol offerings to promote the cellaring of its beers.

More information about breweries in New England can be found in Delaware Breweries and the Maine Brew Page.

Advertisement: Sample the world's best beers, chosen for you by the Beer Hunter, Michael Jackson The Boston Brewing Company is best know for its Samuel Adams line of beers, but also produces Boston Lightship and a few seasonal brews (such as Old Fezziweg). The Samuel Adams Beer Freshness Policy is explained at their web site.

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Yet too many people in the beer industry either refuse to acknowledge the problem, or act as apologists for it.

Craft brewers have long debated whether and how to date beer bottles.

While at first I thought it was odd that the brewery released its Winter Warmer in mid-August, the brewery representative later confided that the store’s owner had just left it there from the previous year (or earlier).

I pity the poor, unwitting fool who wasted eight bucks on that particular six-pack.

Providing freshness dating is one of those things that most craft breweries have avoided so far, even though it would be hugely useful to consumers struggling with two age-old questions: “How old is my beer?

And, more importantly, is there a chance I might wind up spitting it all over myself??

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