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The following 12×12 array of letters appears in a Hebrew manuscript of The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage of 1458, said to have been "given by God, and bequeathed by Abraham". This is square 7 of Chapter IX of the Third Book, which is full of incomplete and complete "squares".

No source or explanation is given for any of the "words", so this square does not meet the modern standards for legitimate word squares.

The outstanding beauty of (my personal choices, in order) Kimberly Cameron, K. Winkler, Sandy Johnson, and Lisa London shouldn't be marred by idiotic dialogue.

In addition to satisfying the basic properties of word squares, the Sator Square spread widely due to several other attributes: it is palindromic; it can be read as a sentence of obscure meaning; and additional meaning such as reference to the Christian Paternoster prayer can be derived from its letters.

However, the word "Arepo" appears nowhere else in Latin literature; most of those who have studied the Sator Square agree that it is to be taken as a proper name, either an adaptation of a non-Latin word or, more likely, a name invented specifically for this sentence.

They also end up stuck in nightmares or risk dying if someone wakes them up. That being said, the flick went overboard trying to be "zany," cramming into practically every scene some sort of tired, infantile gag that draws winces instead of chuckles. The opera singer bellows off-key and then falls into the pool!

College exploitation film focusing on the wild escapades of the women of H. Further, beneath the ostensible light, good-natured goings-on, with everybody supposedly having such a great time acting crazy or simply being weird, runs a subliminal hostility and meanness that progressively depresses the viewer. Isn't the fat girl funny, especially when she outweighs her nerdy boyfriend by 200 pounds?

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Aloha High cheerleaders, who wield considerable power in their ineptly run school, struggle against real estate developers aiming to merge their school with a rival one in order to turn the location into a shopping mall. The movie poster bore an intentional resemblance to the one created for National Lampoon's "Animal House", released the previous year, in hopes of attracting the same movie-going audience.

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