Romeo an djuliet dating

This, he hopes, will buy her time to escape the arranged marriage and reunite with her husband.

The Friar promises to send word to Romeo, informing him of the plan.

Come prepared to enjoy the adventure by reviewing our weather policy and attire suggestions.

Learn more Two prominent families of Verona, the Montagues and the Capulets, are sworn enemies.

This is not solely about love; it’s also about the impact of violence on a community.

From the moment Romeo and Juliet first meet, they fall passionately in love despite their families’ historic feud.

The lovers’ oaths are soon tested by forces beyond their control, and bitter division threatens to eclipse young love.

Complete your Colorado summer with Shakespeare under the stars in the historic Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre—complimentary seatbacks included.

Attending an outdoor show in the Boulder foothills can be unpredictable.

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After an execution, which occured on a “scaffold” (the same term used for a theatre’s stage), the offender’s remains were displayed as a warning to citizens.

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