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The Options for Rock Band 2 include – Game Play Settings, Audio/Video Settings, Manage Data, and Calibration Settings.

Extras feature Leaderboards, Credits and the Modify Game Setting.

For Training, there are Tutorials, Practice Mode, and Drum Trainer.

Obviously, the Drum Trainer is new, and should help the most rhythmically challenged improve their percussive chops.

Harmonix has removed the Solo and Multiplayer menus.

Another new feature is the hiring of staff members to help your band rise to fame and fortune.Rock Band 2 can be played solo but is an infinitely more enjoyable experience with a group of friends.The game is sold individually or bundled with new wireless instruments.Plus, Rock Band 2 owners will have access to the growing Rock Band DLC catalog of more than 200 tracks.Below are just some of the amazing tracks and artists you will get on disc with Rock Band 2.

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