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There is a reason that over 1 million people choose this Quicken competitor over competing Quicken alternatives.

Personal Capital is seen as a Quicken alternative because it offers a wide variety of analytical tools that allow you to get a close look at your finances.

Some of these options include profit loss tracking, expense tracking, and invoice creation.

If you are unsure of which version you need, there are a couple of key differences when considering Quicken vs. Quicken software is leaps and bounds cheaper than Quickbooks.Quicken and Quickbooks both have the same features to a point.Both software programs are able to keep track of bill payments, expenses, checks, online payments, bank accounts, paychecks, and budgets.As your net worth increases, it can become difficult to see the big picture when investing.Personal Capital allows you to schedule a consultation to speak with a financial advisor about your portfolio.

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Your financial advisor will help you create a personal portfolio that will maximize your earning potential.

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