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- Tag Daze Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say anything is "common consensus", especially on a subject as controversial as this.

The view that it does "conform to history" up til verse 40 is but one view that has received a lot of academic attention in modern times.IZAK , (UTC) this article is poorly structured, its sections are ill-titled, and it is unaccessible to the average reader who might have desire of its contents. This article reads more like the first draft of an amateur academic paper than an encyclopaedia article.I have seen this discussion about "where Daniel goes wrong", and it is common consensus that it goes wrong at , correct?Thirdly, I gave a thorough discussion as to why one of the specific facts [regarding the mention of symphonia] was removed.I do not understand why your post made no reference at all to my talk post discussing these matters.

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But Wikipedia does not stand witness for miracles, nor, indeed, does it even decry superstitions.

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  2. [divider] Vrlo jednostavna stranica koja nudi veliki izbor djevojaka iz cijelog svijeta. Nude besplatnu članarinu i čak možete vidjeti nešto golotinje.