Peer guardian lists not updating

Besides the original criticism of Version 1 being slow and buggy, most other criticism of Peer Guardian is around the actual technique used to block peers.

Critics have pointed out that the blocklists are open to the public, and thus parties who may wish to circumvent Peer Guardian can actively check the list to see if their IP addresses have been blocked.

Peer Guardian Lite is a derivative of Peer Guardian 2 made to consume as little CPU and RAM as possible.

It has no UI or options and consists of a single tray icon.

With the blocklist manager application, users can add these sites to a "Safe list" allowing them to continue using the Games and websites without interference from Peer Guardian.

The installation procedure was also simplified, no longer requiring a system restart and driver installation.

Speed and resource inefficiencies were fixed by re-designing and re-coding Version 2.0 in C to consume less processing power and memory.

The blocklists are also managed by the public, but there is no fool-proof method on checking or reporting why an IP address or range are bad, nor on checking if the blocked IP addresses still remain bad.

The list relies on the public to make submissions, and thus is vulnerable to attack itself (see above section on blocklist management issues).

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The blacklist is stored in a number of different formats: The binary formats (known as P2B) were created at the release of the first beta version of Peer Guardian 2, in order to create the smallest possible blocklist.

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