Outlook 2016 inbox not auto updating holiday fla dating


You can, however, change how often Outlook archives, where the archive file is stored, and other options.

When the screen freezes, continued keystrokes will populate the keyboard buffer.

When it unfreezes, the keyboard buffer prints to the screen and the typed material appears; however, the cursor often does not.

This happens after approximately 10 words, and it repeats. Other than Office 2007, there is no new software or other changes to my system. Is there something running in the background that can be terminated? If I cannot fix this, I will be forced to go back to 2003. I will mark it, then measure the duration of the delay ** (5 s). Let’s see how long it takes for the second one to occur.

--Don't want to do that, but this freezing screen is annoying. Sometimes I can type for a few sentences before it decides to raise its frustrating head.

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