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Sex, in a very simplified way, is a form of extreme touching and usually is the result of the progressive escalation of less intense forms of touching.If she lets you hold her hand, put your arm around her waist, or even just flicks your ear to tease you, it probably means she likes you and you can continue doing what you’re doing without worrying about her retreating.She’s creating a barrier because she’s still making up her mind about you, so if you see any of these signs, just know that you have a long way to go before she’s okay with letting things progress. A more positive display of nonverbal communication is eye contact.If you make eye contact with your date, and she doesn’t break it or look around the bar at something else, she is very interested in what you’re saying.It takes a little practice and some keen observation skills, but over time you can start to use these little nuances to your advantage.Understanding body language on a date puts you one step ahead and gives you the opportunity to see things from the girl’s perspective.

However, when a girl is attracted to you, she will want to look into your eyes because there is something undeniably sexy about it.It indicates comfort, attraction, and a genuine interest.On the other end of the spectrum, is a girl who looks everywhere except into your eyes, no matter how much actual talking you’re doing. First, there are the words being said, and the literal meaning of the dialogue between two people.In the case of a date, this usually consists of pretty boring topics—your favorite breed of dog, where you went to college, what you do for fun—and isn’t necessarily going to give you much valuable information about what the other person is actually thinking.

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