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“I was openly gay in college, having a wonderful time.

The anti-war protests were raging and I was neutral, but then my classmates, who took their freedom for granted, burned the American flag and it pushed my button. It’s time to pay my country for my family’s freedom,” said Meyer.

Bremerman’s typing was one cog in a giant military machine that decimated the dreams and careers of thousands of outed servicemen and women. Before he passed away in 2007, Bremerman’s story was preserved in an oral history interview recorded in 1994 and held in the archives of San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Society.

His fascinating life is now the subject of The Typist, a new documentary by filmmaker Kristine Stolakis that is sweeping the festival circuit.“I was the personnel man,” Bremerman explained.

Although he had reached a state of self-acceptance, the terror of being discovered and disenfranchised remained.

In a Senate committee report released in the midst of Cold War hysteria over the threat of Communist infiltration, homosexuality was characterized as a morally depraved danger to national security on the grounds that homosexuals were more vulnerable to extortion for confidential information by foreign agents.

Desert Storm veteran Evelyn Thomas enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to get an education in return for serving her country.

From then on I knew I was going to be gay, forever and ever,” he said, laughing.His friendship with Charlie was cemented for decades until Charlie’s death from AIDS in 1991.When Meyer went off to college, he encountered a tremendous challenge to his values.“I knew that there was something out there that I wanted, but I wasn't sure what it was.”After a few weeks on the naval base, Bremerman discovered a bar scene brimming with gay men.He now knew for certain that he was gay, but until he had his first sexual experience with a man, he still assumed that this was a temporary phase and when he left the service he would move back home, marry a woman, and have children.“Some 6-foot corpsman at that bar decided we should go back to the YMCA — which was a block and a half away, where he had a room — and spend the night.

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