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Later Egyptian rulers worshipped it as an aspect of the sun god, calling it Hor-Em-Akhet (“Horus of the Horizon”).

The Sphinx sits in part of the necropolis of ancient Memphis, the seat of power for the pharaohs, a short distance from three large pyramids – the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), Khafre (Chephren) and Menkaura (Mycerinus).

After the clearing ordered by Tuthmosis IV, and despite the wall, the colossal sculpture once again found itself beneath the sand.

When Napoleon arrived in Egypt in 1798 CE, he found the Sphinx without its nose.

One of the main oddities about the sculpture is that the head is out of proportion to its body.

It could be that the head was re-carved several times by subsequent pharaohs since the first visage was created, though on stylistic grounds this is unlikely to have been done after the Old Kingdom period in Egypt (ending around 2181 BC).

A small temple between its paws contained dozens of inscribed stelae placed by the Pharaohs in honour of the Sun god.The extensions at the side of the head are part of the royal headcloth.Although the head of the Sphinx has been badly affected by thousands of years of erosion, traces of the original paint can still be seen near one ear.18th century CE drawings reveal that the nose was missing long before Napoleon’s arrival; one story goes that it was the victim of target practice in the Turkish period.Another and perhaps the most likely explanation, is that it was pried off by chisels in the 8th century CE, by a Sufi who considered the Sphinx a sacrilegious idol.

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