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a black crush, harassing them and leaving them tied to a tree.

As with the Namco storylines, all of these incidents turn out for the best in the end, with the pair saving the day and walking off as a couple.

The third character-specific scene is a date, which goes poorly and results in the character or characters speaking to Namco's greatest icon, Pac-Man, for advice.In Jane's storyline, she refuses to acknowledge that anything supernatural is happening in Namco High, such as the katamari incident or tiger-men on the staff.This roughly parallels her disbelief in Roxy's stories about The Condesce in early Act 6.From there the Cousin can meet and become friends with any character in the detention hall.The plot from this point follows a rigid structure: the player experiences a common scene, followed by a character-specific scene of their choosing.

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