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If any vessel of the United States, shall be cast on shore on any part of our coasts, she shall remain at the disposition of the owners, and no one shall attempt going near her without their approbation, as she is then considered particularly under our protection; and if any vessel of the United States shall be forced to put into our ports by stress of weather, or otherwise, she shall not be compelled to land her cargo, but shall remain in tranquility until the commander shall think proper to proceed on his voyage.

If any vessel of either of the parties shall have an engagement with a vessel belonging to any of the Christian powers, within gun-shot of the forts of the other, the vessel so engaged, shall be defended and protected as much as possible, until she is in safety: and if any American vessel shall be cast on shore, on the coast of Wadnoon, or any coast thereabout, the people belonging to her, shall be protected and assisted, until by the help of God, they shall be sent to their country.

If an American citizen shall die in our country, and no will shall appear, the Consul shall take possession of his effects; and if there shall be no Consul, the effects shall be deposited in the hands of some person worthy of trust, until the party shall/appear who has a right to demand them; but if the heir to the person deceased be present, the property shall be delivered to him without interruption; and if a will shall appear the property shall descend agreeably to that will, as soon as the Consul shall declare the validity thereof.

The Consul of the United States of America, shall reside in any seaport of our dominions that they shall think proper: and they shall be respected, and enjoy all the priviliges which the Consuls of any other Nation enjoy: and if any of the citizens of the United States shall contract any debts or engagements, the Consul shall not be in any manner accountable for them, unless he shall have given a promise in writing for the payment or fulfilling thereof; without which promise in writing, no application to him for any redress shall be made. Leib, a Citizen of the United States of North America, and now their Resident Consul at Tangier, having been duly appointed Commissioner, by letters patent, under the signature of the President and Seal of the United States of North America, bearing date, at the City of Washington, the Fourth day of July A. 1835, for negotiating and concluding a Treaty of peace and friendship between the United States of North America and the Empire of Morocco; I, therefore, James R.

If a ship of war of either party shall put into a port of the other, and salute, it shall be returned from the fort with an equal number of guns, not more or less.

1836.) We declare that both Parties have agreed that this Treaty, consisting of Twenty five Articles, shall be inserted in this Book, and delivered to James R.

Merchants of both countries shall employ only such interpreters, and such other persons to assist them in their business, as they shall think proper.

No commander of a vessel shall transport his cargo on board another vessel: he shall not be detained in port longer than he may think proper; and all persons employed in loading or unloading or in any other labor whatever, shall be paid at the customary rates, not more and not less.

In case of a war between the parties, the prisoners are not to be made slaves, but to be exchanged one for another.

Captain for Captain, Officer for Officer, and one private man for another; and if there shall prove a deficiency, on either side, it shall be made up by the payment of one hundred Mexican dollars for each person wanting.

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