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You’re admitting to everyone who sees your profile that you are not only single and available, you’re actively seeking someone else.But consider how you approach looking for a new job: You create a résumé and an application touting your best qualities and why you’re the greatest candidate to come along in years.Selfies in the mirror with the phone are not your best choice!Select recent pictures that you feel are flattering.This bears repeating because it’s key to encouraging you when you feel prayer is not bringing about the results you desire, quickly enough.Praying frequently will also keep you focused on your end result: a healthy, godly relationship.Typically, people are drawn toward those who look confident, happy and approachable.Imagine yourself two years into a relationship with that special person and smile for the camera.

There are many biblical examples of God’s intervention where action was first required: Abraham’s servant had to journey to find Rebekah and bring her to Isaac, despite the fact Abraham no doubt prayed that God would provide a wife for his son; God saved the fleeing Israelites from a pursuing Pharaoh and his army, but they had to cross the Red Sea first; Naaman was healed of leprosy, but not until he had washed himself seven times in the Jordan.Reading your profile shouldn’t be a task in itself for others.Save the extra information for when you begin connecting with people.Describe it.” We’ve seen many profiles where the answer is simply, “A coffee shop” or “Starbucks.” How about expanding on that a bit to get more of your personality to show in your writing?Maybe something like, “There’s this great little cafe downtown called ______. Their café mocha is incredible — and the ‘people watching’ is even better!

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