Mandating education

Provide school accommodations to students seeking readmission after dropping out of school no later than three days after they ask for it, as long as they seek readmission no later than 10 days after terminating enrollment.

Allow parents and staff to register for advance notice of application. Ensure heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are (1) maintained in accordance with national standards and (2) except for scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs, operated continuously while the school is occupied unless there is demonstrated adequate air exchange without operation.

Keep HVAC maintenance records for at least five years.

Make student suspensions in-school suspensions unless the school administration determines, at the required informal suspension hearing, that the student (1) poses a danger to persons or property or (2) is so disruptive of the educational process that an out-of-school suspension is warranted.

Local and regional boards of education must develop a plan with the Board of Regents and the UConn Board of Trustees to align Connecticut's common core state standards with college-level programs at Connecticut public higher education institutions.

Plans must (1) prohibit retaliation or discrimination against those who report or help investigate bullying, (2) address what the school will do to protect the targeted student from further bullying, and (3) require a school principal or his or her designee to notify the police when they suspect that an act of bullying constitutes a crime.

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