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Anyone who gets by on their looks usually lacks in other departments, and just because you're young, doesnt mean life is easy, especially when the w... I try to explain to people how lonely I am and all I get is "yeah me too" or "who am I?! It was a 4 year relationship and it feel like someone took a sword to my...

" if they wanted to be a friend they would talk to me when I need it and they have, but not even everyday, doesn't feel like anyone cares about me... Not someone who just wants something from you every time. Boyfriend left for London this morning for work and will be gone awhile.

I need help not allowing my bipolar disorder to run my life. or someone who says they're your friend but never ever ever ever wants to get together with you. Hi, I decided to come on here because I was recently broken up with. I know he hates traveling without me but it’s worse for me because i feel so lonely at home. I am new to this group, but I think I need to be here too.

I’m constantly getting so angry and jealous for no reason and causing me to loose my bestfriend. My friends don’t seem to understand and brush it off. My question is are there any people hear close to my age(67) that I could talk with.

I know loneliness, Abuse, suffering from PTSD from a narcistic relationship, and emotional abuse...

Confession time: I've been in talk therapy for more than 20 years (I started when I was 15—today I'm 37).

I’m desperate to find a robust man who can handle a real woman.

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