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Others surrounding the chin were started on the profile and drawn downwards, as shown by the hook returns at the bottom. Leonardo’s left-handedness has come to be regarded as something of a signature, but he was not, of course, the only left-handed artist in the Renaissance.

Indeed, according to contemporary sources Michelangelo was innately left-handed but retrained himself to write and draw right-handed, the fate of many lefties of history.

Melzi made them available to other artists to study, many of whom, even though they were right-handed, copied the drawings with left-handed hatching to reproduce the original look.

Leonardo da Vinci was an anatomist, architect, botanist, engineer, mathematician, painter, scientist, sculptor, and theoretician.A forgery in the British Museum’s collection, for example, dates from the early 1900s.Leonardo da Vinci’s left-handedness is one of the wonderfully distinctive aspects of his draftsmanship, but it is not always prominent.I also let my partner know that I will be calling every ball…every time. I realize that I talk more on the court than many players are accustomed to.Since I have practiced this for many years, I always do it early, i.e. Typically, just letting them know this provides the reassurance needed so that we are both comfortable with the process.

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