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The 2PM star wants to go on dates when he has available time.

He even gave the Khuntoria crowd a thumbs up at the end of his performance, causing the delusions to run even more rampant with fans claiming it was a "joyous moment" for their ship and that Khun was still waiting for Victoria.

Nichkhyun’s ideal type is someone who he can have deep discussions with, such as their work and future.

Also, he wants someone who is able to take her own decisions and is good in whatever she does.

However, fans noticed at 2PM's concert a 'hypocritical side' to Khun in that he performed in front of a group of Khuntoria fans, seating himself directly in front of them when there were other crowds showing support for 2PM as a whole or his personal fans with Khun lightsticks.

Taecyeon Leaves JYP Entertainment But Is Still Part Of 2PM.

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His last relationship broke because of time constraint so I guess he is not dating now because of that.

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