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Roberts hid the fraud from the company, then known as Network Associates Inc., its board, shareholders, auditors and the U. S with improperly backdating stock options grants to make them more profitable for the recipients, but at the expense of shareholders. According to the indictment, the Network Associates board granted Roberts the option to buy 20,000 shares of Network Associates' stock at the strike price of US.62, which was the price at which the stock closed on Feb. In late 2000, Roberts became concerned that his options were "underwater," that is, the US.62 exercise price of the grant was more than the market price for stock.

Roberts allegedly caused Network Associates' then-controller to change the grant date and exercise price in the computer system that recorded stock option grants.

Samueli’s rights and their obligations is nothing but overreaching coupled with an improper zeal to win, rather than see justice done. Samueli, man who clearly has the means to fight the wrongful prosecution was bludgeoned into this baseless deal speaks volumes. guarantees the accused the right to compulsory process for witnesses in its defense.

It fully illustrates the power and pressure of a federal prosecution and the high prospects for incorrect results when prosecutors fail to honor their obligations and over reach. In making its ruling, the court found that the government had threatened and intimidated witnesses noting: “To submit this case to the jury would make a mockery of Mr. For this constitutional right to have true meaning, the Government must not do anything to intimidate or improperly influence witnesses.

Roberts is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday before Federal Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Roberts' attorney Neal Stephens could not be reached for comment.

Prosecutors frequently point to “red flags” as proof of knowledge. Attorney’s Office and the SEC unveiled their cases with great fanfare, holding a joint press conference in San Francisco. The truth-finding processes of the trial, however, were flawed by intentional overreaching and misconduct by the government, concluded the court of appeals.

As these cases moved forward, the government offered Mr. All charges and the prospect of serving years in prison would be dropped if he pleaded guilty to one count of making a false statement during his SEC investigative testimony. Sameuli testified for two days under a court ordered grant of immunity – the government refused the immunity request, apparently to keep him off the witness stand.

Of course, the deal bolstered the government’s case against the others by seemingly precluding Mr. After listening to the testimony, Judge Carney concluded that Mr.

Roberts is charged with "devising a scheme to defraud by granting himself and others valuable in-the-money stock options while hiding the true nature and value of the stock option grants," the statement says. Roberts joins a small but growing list of executives or former executives of companies charged in the U. companies are under investigation by the SEC, federal prosecutors or through internal audits.

The three men faced multiple fraud charges from DOJ and the SEC based on the backdating of stock options at Broadcom.

The charges hinged on the question of whether the three intended to defraud the shareholders, not if the options had in fact been backdated, which they were.

Roberts' indictment is the second case brought by a last year. Roberts is charged with two counts of mail fraud, one count of wire fraud, three counts of making false Securities and Exchange Commission filings, and one count of falsifying the books, records and accounts of Network Associates.

"It is integral to the public trust in our financial markets that transactions affecting a company's financials are recorded honestly, particularly by those who are responsible for regulatory compliance," U. In October, amid an internal probe into its options practices, Mc Afee , replacing CEO George Samenuk and President Kevin Weiss.

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