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She is spotted talking to Ravi by Raghu and his gang, and they mercilessly beat him up.

Angered and defeated, Raghu goes after the couple, and a chase ensues, which results in Ravi getting wounded by Raghu.) is a 2003 Tamil romantic action drama film directed by M. The film is a remake of the 2002 Telugu film with the same title.It featured Ravi and Sadha in their first Tamil ventures respectively, with the success of the film prompting the actor to retain the film's title as a prefix to his stage name.Her father tells her that she would be married to Raghu, just like they decided years ago. This results in Sujatha dropping out from college and staying at home.Sujatha has a sister named Kalyani (Kalyani), who turns out to be the messenger between her and Ravi.

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Meanwhile, Sujatha goes to college where she meets Ravi (Ravi).

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