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In addition, given the squalid living conditions common to the city, they would much rather spend as much time as they can in an air-conditioned 5-star hotel room with a proper bathtub (Indonesians don’t use showers apparently), large bed, cable TV, and room service. Most hotel clubs close at 2, so those still on the prowl will gravitate to the small number of clubs open until 5, with a corresponding drop in the starting ‘asking price’.At that point, they apparently give up and go home.The girls in the hotel bars range from pure pro all the way to not in the game at all, so you can’t make assumptions unless the 6-inch heels and 3-inch miniskirt give it away.

Naughty Nightlife in Jakarta is as interesting as in BKK, and the end result is ultimately the same, but there are some subtle and not-so-subtle differences in the environment and the people.They also rotate themselves among the same circle of clubs night after night.However, most tend to return to their favorite club most of the time, which means variety remains pretty good from one place to another.If the girl takes a liking to you, the “taxi fare” may even drop to zero.There isn’t a defined concept of short-time versus long-time here.

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The girls are likely encouraged by bar managers because of the obvious draw for the Bule crowd (you rarely see an Indonesian male in this type of place). The naughty nightlife is extremely active, but kept under the thin veil of cover as to avoid irritating the devout.

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