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Jack & Jill is an American comedy-drama television series created and produced by Randi Mayem Singer.

Due to the average ratings of the first season, the second season was only 13 episodes long and was aired as a midseason show.The final episode detailed the problems during preparations for the couple's wedding.Jacqueline discovered she was pregnant, but before she could tell David, he decided that their relationship was moving too fast and he wanted to call the wedding off and move things slower.There's also plenty of insult language ("freak," "stupid," "loser," etc.), some suggestive comments/humor, and an extended sequence featuring a stereotypical Mexican family that may offend some viewers.Parents concerned with commercialism should note that the comedy is chock-full of product placements, from Sony (which is also the movie's distributor) to Dunkin Donuts and many, many more.

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