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Shakira has to have at least a 3-inch shoor advantage, yet is the same height as Selena, if not shorter. Click Here said on 2/Jul/13Editor Rob, look at Shakira's INSANE shoes in this photo.The platform looks to be at minimum of 3 inches, and there's an additional 4 inch heel attached. Gerard Pique is listed at 6'3", so you know that he won't be any taller.I think we can rule out the 4'11", but her 5'3" claims are ridiculous.Gerard and Shakira: Click Here Gerard height at ESPN: Click Here What do you think, Rob? Carson Daly is listed as 6'1 on this site, making him about 6'2 in shoes.Both are wearing heels, but the sole of Britney's shoes looks to be 1/4-1/2 inch, while Shakira has at least a two inch platform.

She also wears a size 00/0 (XXS) - you can't be that size and curvy, unless you are short. Every magazine article I've read describes her as even shorter than says she is and I have yet to find a single magazine interview or show dedicated to her where she is described as being any taller than that.And now I get Shak, Shak Attack, Shaki, Shakazulu, classmates also used to call me Enana, which means dwarf, because I was always the tiniest one in my class." On being asked if she wanted to be taller she said "Actually, I like being petite.When you're small, people tend to protect you and treat you in a soft, gentle way. I like getting demonstrations of love and affection. In a video Shakira also described herself as a "5 foot 3 girl from Colombia" said on 24/Jan/19Editor Rob, look at this pic of Shakira in Britney Spears.The likelihood that EVERYTHING is in favor of her being taller is slim, plus she still winds up shorter than what's listed here.I really can't see her being taller than 5'1, which is average in Columbia (Nevermind people in her own country calls her short...) said on 2/Jul/13Okay, done! I found a picture of her in regular 3-inch heels or so, while Shakira has on heels with what looks to be another insane platform.

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A tat shorter than David Villa who is 173cm, while next to Gerard Pique(193cm) and Sergio Busquets (189) she's only slightly above their shoulders. I wonder how she's going to feel if her children with Pique turn out to be short like her despite him being 6ft4 said on 28/Dec/15This definitely needs a downgrade. said on 9/Feb/15I think she's between 5'0.5" to 5'1.5".

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