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On his birthday, Khale took to Twitter to announce that his extended play, On My Own, is now available on Itunes, Spotify, and Apple Music.Some of the songs from the EP are “War Ready,” “On My Own,” and “Water Under the Bridge.”Also Read: Meet Tamar Braxton’s New Boyfriend, David Adefeso Khale and Keyshia Cole have been dating since 2018.The proximity of organs to booty is a red flag, but the caption really gives their aspiring relationship away.

Keyshia Cole is an American singer/songwriter, record producer, television personality, and businesswoman.

She didn’t say who the baby daddy was at the time, but fans suspected it was her new boyfriend Khale.

However, the Keyshia Cole’s baby daddy frenzy ended the next day, when Cole later admitted that she was “trolling” fans and the pregnancy announcement was fake to hit back at body shamers.“I KINDA☝? Cole took to Instagram on May 3 to announce that she’s expecting a baby . She doesn’t mention Khale in her post but she does tag him.

The singer and her hip-hop artist beau, Niko Khale, are expecting their first child together.

Unlike the fabulous Miss Cole, Khale is relatively new to the scene.

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