Is going on dating websites cheating

My opinion is YES, reason being If you're in committed relationship, then why the hell you be looking for someone else?And then lie on top of it when confronted about it. All I ask is BE HONEST, OWN YOUR DIRT, & STOP PASSING BLAME/MAKING EXCUSES. Just my two cents but it certainly played a big part in my divorce.It maybe is cheating, but i think about doing it all the time,because i am always home alone, bored and lonely, except for the tv.There are plenty of other places to "chat" such as Sparkpeople that have nothing to do with dating and everything to do with common interests and goals.That's where you would go for somebody to "chat" with.

I think by going ahead and visiting the dating sites a person has no respect for their partner and is incredibly selfish.

Oviously somethings isn't going well that one has to visit dateing sites for companionship. If one of you needs to visit dateing sites maybe you need to get out together more. just cos that marriage mite not be working out doesnt mean that you cant commit again in the future..... if its what you decide.go for it wishing you the best rach x I would like male and female opinions here.

If a married man spends time on dating sites and says he is just looking for somone to "talk to" What would you think?

He should not really looking for someone to talk with, online "dating" while he has you married. Give him a choice -quit chatting or find somewhere else to live. If one is happily married then one wouldn't need to troll dating sites.

He is married to you not "online" so he should go to you instead. two things online a married man should not seek: Porno site Dating site *unless it is all in agreement with you* Not quite cheating at that point, but they have sites for "finding people to talk to". If a married man is on a dating site, there is something wrong. He he needs someone to chat with, why not start with the one you married. Not cheating, necessarily, but it's toeing the line, I think. It's something that would most definitely cause distrust regardless if the spouse is male or female.

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