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In fact, social construction of sexuality in any given culture defines sexual behaviours of men and women [22, 38].Sexual permissiveness entails accepting a wide range of sexual attitudes and associated behaviours, and is influenced by various cultural factors including religious beliefs and the importance of economic exchange at marriage, as well as increased exposure to external influences due to the expansion of worldwide communications and economic changes [38].On preserving virginity prior to marriage, 43 % of the males felt that it was important for a female to be a virgin, whereas only 26 % felt it was important for males to remain a virgin.Interestingly, more females (61 %) supported the importance of a female’s virginity compared with the importance of males’ virginity (48 %).This study showed that, being a male, of a younger age, single, and being less religious or being secular were important determinants of a liberal sexual attitude.These results might reflect a socio-cultural transition in the sexual attitudes of different age groups of participants - a phenomenon that will need empirical studies to unpack in the Iranian socio-cultural context.According to the World Health Organization (WHO) individual sexuality is, to a large extent, determined and influenced by social norms and family values [73].

It is also legally prohibited and culturally forbidden in this society [35].

The increasing trend of delayed marriages possibly explains attitude changes toward premarital sexual encounters in the Iranian context.

Postponing marriage has widened the gap between puberty and marriage and this has led to the higher likelihood of people living in metropolitan contexts to be more open, accepting and engaging in premarital heterosexual interactions including sex [29, 32, 33].

According to the Theory of Planned Behaviour, an individual’s behaviour is predicted by his/her intentions, attitudes toward the behaviour, perceived social norms and behavioural control [6].

In social psychology, it is widely accepted that attitudes are socially learned [26].

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